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young professional sitting on a couch working on a laptop while writing notes young professional sitting on a couch working on a laptop while writing notes

The Science of Designing Presentations

Engage and Inform.

Learn how to effectively design, plan and structure your presentations.


Think about the ineffective presentations you have sat through as a student, researcher and conference participant; presentations that lack organization, clarity, and engagement fail to connect with the audience. Participants stop listening and turn to copying slides verbatim with little critical thinking. How do your presentations compare to these experiences?

The Science of Designing Powerful Presentations workshop introduces key design principles, the importance of creating a "story structure", and a practical plan for delivering presentations with a cohesive message.

What will I learn?

  • How to build powerful presentations that begin with an organized structure and come to life with a thoughtful application of multimedia learning principles and slide design.
  • How strong visuals work with the speaker's narrative and presentation organization to build a mental framework for the audience to understand the message in the short-term and make a lasting impact for long-term retention.
  • ‚ÄčThe fundamental principles of multimedia design (picture superiority, segmentation, signaling, and cohesiveness) that have been established in lab and class studies and apply this knowledge to build effective slides for a dynamic presentation.