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Image of a brain scan with a hand using a pen to point to the image Image of a brain scan with a hand using a pen to point to the image

The Science of Cannabis

Separate fact from fiction.

A collaborative program involving the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research, the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research, and McMaster Continuing Education

Certificate of Completion Requirements

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Students must complete a series of three academic courses to achieve the stated program objectives.

  • Individual course objectives are mapped to the overall program objectives.
  • The delivery format and teaching methods are structured to have a maximum effect on achieving the learning outcomes.
  • Each course will include an evaluation component.
  • Evaluation may be based on assignments, case studies, presentations, individual or group projects, participation, or a combination thereof.
  • Evaluations will be structured to assess students’ level of competency in achieving overall learning objectives.​
  • Students must complete all three courses in order to qualify for The Science of Cannabis Certificate of Completion. ​

Transfer Credits

Supported by McMaster University's Faculty of Health Sciences as elective credits in select degree programs. 

Transfer credits cannot be used towards completion of the program.

Students may use the same courses to build a maximum of two credentials (McMaster University Senate Policy on Diplomas and Certificates).

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