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Environmental, economic and societal best practices

Practical tools, resources, strategies and techniques to develop sustainable living and working environments

Course Descriptions


SUS 101 Principles of Sustainability

This course provides the foundation for understanding sustainability on a global scale. Focus is placed on defining sustainability and sustainable living along with comprehending environmental systems. Students will begin a whole-systems examination of how individuals, communities and businesses interact with the environment and the primary consequences of these interactions.

SUS 102 Practices for Sustainable Living

Building on the principles of sustainability, this course presents the primary environmental, economic and societal issues facing individuals and local community groups seeking sustainable development and practice. The process of developing strategies and action plans for sustainable living will be examined in terms of best practices and policies.

SUS 103 Practices for Sustainable Business

Businesses have a role in the development of sustainability within their communities. This course focuses on how businesses can collaborate, plan, develop and execute sustainable actions. Best practices in sustainable business leadership will be examined.

SUS 104 Responsible Production and Consumption

Consumers and product producers have a shared responsibility within sustainability. This course will explore various collaborative theories and approaches to bring together these two groups for effective design and strategic action.