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Risk Management

Planning to manage the unimaginable.

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RSK 713 1 - Risk Management Principles & Practices (3 Units)

Study the first two steps of the risk management decision making process: (1) identifying and analyzing the loss exposures, and (2) developing alternative techniques for treating each exposure. Learn to choose the best risk management alternative and select the most appropriate techniques for handling each exposure.

Instructors: Dragica Grbavac

RSK 714 2 - Risk Assessment & Treatment (3 Units)

Explore the selection, implementation and monitoring of risk control techniques that are essential in preventing or minimizing potential losses before they occur. Examine fault-free study, statistical analysis, contractual liability reviews and in-house safety programs. Study the two dimensions of loss, frequency and severity, with particular attention on losses to property, people, net income and liability.

Instructors: Shannon Devane

RSK 715 3 - Risk Financing (3 Units)

Examine the selection, implementation and monitoring of risk financing techniques, which are ways an organization can obtain funds to pay for any accidental losses that occur. Study the framework and criteria for risk financing techniques; financing property, net income, liability and personnel losses; accounting and some income tax aspects of accidental losses; implementing risk retention, including use of affiliated assurers; insurance pricing; selection of insurers and their representatives; and risk cost allocation.

Instructors: Adam Prokop

Courses must be taken in sequence - 713, 714, 715.

In-person and online formats now share the same course number. Take care to choose your desired format when enrolling.

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