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risk management professional onsite writing down notes in a notepad risk management professional onsite writing down notes in a notepad

Risk Management

Planning to manage the unimaginable.

New condensed 8-week courses available


*Please note: Due to conditions brought on by the COVID-19 McMaster Continuing Education and the Institute for Risk Management are connecting you to the Risk Management Institute to order your course materials. 
Please utilize the following link to order your materials online:   

As soon as you have enrolled please ensure you order your course materials. There will likely be delays in delivery as materials will be coming cross-border.  Click on the CRM curriculum and then choose your course.  Your order will be placed into sequence and delivery will take about 10 days to get to you.  If you are in a more remote location please expect longer delivery times and order as soon as possible.


Risk is part of our everyday lives.

Learning how to assess, identify, communicate, and control the exposure of risk will enable you to better create and implement structured risk management programs within your organization.

Courses can be taken as part of the Certificate of Completion program, the Diploma in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management or individually.

Who should take McMaster CCE's Risk Management program?

  • Anyone working in an area of business where risk is assessed (Insurance, Finance, Health Care, Hospitality, Technology and more)
  • Professionals pursuing Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation

Professional Designations

  • The three Risk courses fulfill the educational requirement for the CRM designation through The Global Risk Management Institute
Please contact CCE for consultation to help determine if this program is right for you. 

Learn more about our program. Watch a recording of our recent program preview: