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Project Management

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Project Management Online ​Courses

PMP 401 Project Management Fundamentals 

This course will introduce students to project management. It will explain the business benefits of providing rigorous structure to ensure the successful completion of work. "Work" in this sense can include a wide range of activities and initiatives, including product and service launches, creating efficiencies, and enhancing services. In addition to learning about the importance of the project manager's role, you will learn to develop a framework for building a project plan, including strategies for effectively engaging stakeholders, and ensuring the successful execution of the plan in practice. 

PMP 402 Communication and Leadership in Project Management 

Managing a successful project involves working with multi-faceted people in a multitude of roles. In this interactive course we will apply effective management, leadership and communication strategies while working in this ever-shifting environment. Effective coordination of teams is essential and utilizing a variety of models, strategies and tools will help to assure your team is functioning in tandem with the project.

PMP 403 Technical Implementation in Project Management

This intermediate level course provides an opportunity to learn in detail about how to build a complete project plan.  Building on previously learned fundamentals, this course is intended for individuals who will be responsible for creating plans for delivering projects for a variety of business types. Students will focus on how to create plans that will address the scope, cost and scheduling. Strategies on how to fully develop key project documents related to quality, risk, procurement, communications and more will be explored. Upon gaining project plan approvals, the course will also address the approaches necessary to successfully execute a project.  Finally, students will learn the steps to effectively hand-off the results and properly close a project. Although Agile principles will be introduced throughout the course, the focus of the content and exercises will be on the waterfall approach and built around the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) framework.