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Project Management

Work towards a PMP® designation.

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Please note: Due to the recent changes in programming due to COVID-19, all Project Management modules will be available through online and virtual classrooms.  For online courses we will follow our typical online course procedures.

Virtual classes will be held online using a combination of synchronous (live/real-time) instructor led sessions which are supplemented with asynchronous (everyone works separately) activities.  You are required to attend all synchronous sessions as they will be a part of the contact hours necessary for the PMI development units.  The synchronous sessions will take place from 9-11am and 1-3pm each day of your module.  Outside of those times you will have independent work to complete as part of the module work.  This time is required also to uphold the necessary contact hours.

Registration will open for fall courses July 14th, 2020.

If further clarification is required, please contact our program office



Projects are usually defined as temporary endeavours, with an identified beginning and end, undertaken to achieve specific goals or deliverables. As such, many working professionals are involved in planning or managing projects on a regular basis, even though their job title may not reflect that role.

Project managers work in a wide range of industries ranging from health care, government and education to manufacturing, transportation and information technology.

Whether you are seeking Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification as a formal project manager or just want to improve at managing informal day-to-day projects, improving your project management skill-set is an endeavour you'll appreciate for years to come.

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