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Professional Communication in the                 Canadian Workplace

When English is Your Second Language

Learn How to Succeed in the Canadian Workplace

Course Descriptions


The Professional Communication in the Canadian Workplace program is designed to develop and enhance learners’ professional communication skills. 

Students who complete all three academic courses (9 units in total) will qualify for the Professional Communication in the Canadian Workplace Certificate of Completion.

PCW 100 Strategies for Effective Communication in the Canadian Workplace (3 Units)

This course will introduce students to an essential toolkit of professional interpersonal communication skills and strategies to succeed in the Canadian workplace. Students will learn the unspoken rules of the Canadian workplace, practice what to say, what not to say and will participate in various case scenarios to identify effective context-specific communication strategies. Topics include resolving conflict, networking, professionalism and etiquette (phone interactions, meetings), non-verbal communication, cultural/intercultural considerations, active listening and reading, giving and receiving feedback, expressing disagreement, and participating in informal workplace discussions

Instructors: Gelareh Keshavarz

PCW 101 Professional Business Writing in the Canadian Workplace

Professional business writing is about writing with intent, clarity, effectiveness, and efficiency. This course will provide students with the skills needed to plan and execute various types of business communications (email, letter, report, proposal, and so forth) with tact and diplomacy. Students will learn about different audiences need and the importance of tone to use for each. Other topics include persuasion, constructive feedback, intercultural considerations, the importance of editing and proofreading, as well as formatting and citations.

PCW 102 Professional Presentations in the Canadian Workplace (3 Units)

This practice-based course explores how skill and personal confidence are foundational to a professional presentation. Based on this, the course is designed to provide students with the skills they need to plan, prepare, and execute professional presentations, as well as grow in their confidence to do so. Informal oral exchanges will also be practised in the course. Topics include purpose, audience a, persuasion, managing presentation anxiety, public speaking, managing the room, body language, storytelling, design, and use of visual aids. Through practice-based learning situations, students will develop a solid understanding of the role and value of effective public speaking in the workplace and acquire skill in designing and delivering persuasive presentations.