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Privacy Management

Learn the fundamentals of Privacy management in Canada

Understand the risks associated with collecting, storing and using personal information

Course Descriptions


PRV 101 Foundations of Privacy

Learn the foundations of confidentiality, privacy and security through an examination of standard privacy, information management, and governance principles within Canada. Explore different types of personal information and the regulatory laws and policies in place to protect and secure this information. An introduction to established practices and tools for privacy management will be presented.

Instructors: Janet GuevaraMichael Biocchi

PRV 102 Privacy Program Development

Discover how to research, develop and implement a privacy management program for your organization. Through an examination of recognized privacy governance practices, participants will begin to develop a plan appropriate for their organization. Focus is placed on a privacy program’s life cycle encompassing strategies for analysis, communication, technology and management of the plan to protect and secure personal information.

Instructors: Janet GuevaraPaula Kocsis

PRV 103 Privacy and Security Risk Assessment

Examine risk assessment strategies and techniques used to safeguard and protect information. This course builds upon the development of a privacy program to focus on specific tools (privacy impact assessment) and controls to maintain privacy and security measures. Responding and managing privacy and security incidents will be explored.

Instructors: Michael Biocchi

PRV 104 Technology and Privacy Management

Review privacy and information in the context of evolving digital technologies. This course will explore the challenges facing privacy management programs as increasing amounts of information is collected, stored and used within digital tools and technology. Case study analysis will form the basis of the course as participants assess and strategize how to manage information as the technologies used for business operations grow and change.

Instructors: Richard Godsmark