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Pathophysiology & Epidemiology

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McMaster CCE's three-course certificate of completion sets you up for further studies in specialized health care.

These two pathophysiology courses and one epidemiology course are available as foundational courses for the study of disease and public health initiatives. 

Pathophysiology & Epidemiology Program Learning Outcomes 

  • Identify structural units of the body including cells, tissues, organs and systems
  • Analyze common diagnostic interventions to determine a normal or abnormal result
  • Understand the role of risk factors in health and disease
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the course of a pathological condition
  • Investigate methods used in public health surveillance and disease outbreak investigation
  • Explore research design involving descriptive, analytical and intervention approaches to disease
  • Demonstrate an awareness of ethical practices and professional standards applicable to the field of health care
  • Exemplify the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to work and collaborate with people and develop personal management skills
  • Employ effective communication practices

Who should take McMaster CCE's Pathophysiology & Epidemiology program? 

  • Anyone working in the health care industry looking to advance their career;
  • Anyone looking to enter the health care field;
  • Internationally trained professionals who require some Canadian health care education;
  • Individuals who require academic upgrading, or refreshing of past courses in health care.
Please contact CCE for consultation to help determine if this program is right for you. 

Learn more about the program by watching this recording of our recent program preview: