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OCAD U - Art & Design Programs

Professional development for the creative mind

Grow your knowledge, expand your creativity

The communication and design industry is competitive and one of the best ways to make yourself more marketable is by building your skillset through ongoing education. 

McMaster Continuing Education is proud to be partnering with OCAD U, Canada's biggest art and design university, to offer you a variety of online courses that will help advance your career in the field of design. 

You can register for these courses directly on OCAD U's website. You'll be directed to OCAD U's course page. From there, you can select one of the course options and follow the prompts. 

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Fall 2021 Courses


Design and Technology   

Introduction to 3D Animation with Blender – October 28

Introduction to SketchUp – November 1

Intermediate SketchUp – November 29


UX, Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design

Introduction to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design – September 14

Empathy + Social Insight for Human-Centred Design Micro-Certification – October 4

Intermediate User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design – October 26

Inclusive Design for Digital Media – October 28


Business and Design 

E-Commerce Photography Workshop – November 1

Professional Practice for Emerging Artists and Designers – November 10

The Cost of Creative Work: Pricing Products and Services – November 25



Introduction to Digital Photography – September 15

Introduction to Video Editing – September 28

Documentary Photography Studio – October 25

Feminist Art Workshop – November 1



Illustration Essentials – September 14 

Character Design Studio – September 16

Drawing Skills Studio 1 – September 21

Children's Book Illustration Studio – October 20

Comics and Graphic Novels Studio – October 26

Watercolour Painting Studio – October 27

Abstract Painting Studio: Texture and Surface – November 2

Oil Painting Techniques – November 4


Graphic Design

Basic Design Principles – September 15

Colour Theory for Digital Design – October 27

The Art of Type – October 28

Editorial Design Studio – November 10

Graphic Design: Past, Present, and Future – November 11


Interior Design

Product Design Studio – September 16 

Interior Design Fundamentals – November 3

Package Design Studio – November 9


Register for these courses directly on OCAD U's website by clicking on the course link above where you'll be redirected to OCAD U's course page. 

Questions regarding courses, registration, grades and policies should be directed to OCAD U's Continuing Education