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Nutrition, Health and Wellness Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Nutrition, Health and Wellness

Build a rewarding career in health and wellness

Cultivating healthy living solutions for people and communities

Program Overview


The health and wellness industry has experienced steady growth in the last ten years as Canadians become more aware of the importance of nutrition, food security, wellness and overall health.

Demand for health and wellness products and services is projected to increase steadily over the next few years and the need for skilled health and wellness professionals to fill roles in this growing industry.

This program provides a foundational education in nutrition, healthy living and wellness to give students the tools, knowledge and resources to succeed in this field.

Program features

  • Learn best practices in ethical and professional standards within the health and wellness industry
  • Earn a Certificate of Professional Learning upon completion of three of the five courses
  • Learn from experienced instructors and connect with professionals across various disciplines  in the health and wellness industry 
  • Experience our convenient online learning platform that lets you learn at your own pace

You'll learn to:

  • Identify key nutrients, how they work in the body and discover nutritional needs throughout the human life cycle
  • Describe the role of foods and nutrients in energy balance, weight control and physical activity
  • Understand the physical, mental, social, environmental, financial and occupational aspects of wellness
  • Explain how appropriate physical activity, fitness, and active living strategies and programming impacts personal and community well-being
  • Examine the social, cultural, economic, physical and behavioural factors for health and wellness program planning and development
  • Analyze health and wellness program plans and strategies to support a healthy lifestyle  

Career opportunities 

The Nutrition, Health, and Wellness program can be used for a wide range of employment opportunities in a variety of industries, including:

  • Health/nutrition/wellness retailers
  • Community centres
  • Long-term care homes
  • Senior living facilities
  • Fitness/wellness centres
  • Business/corporate offices
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Weight loss services
  • Private consulting
  • Foodservice industry

Who should take this program?

  • Professionals in any industry looking to advance their skills, knowledge and experience in health and wellness
  • Individuals seeking to pursue a new career in the health and wellness industry
  • New Canadians starting a new career or academic program

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