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Top 5 Reasons Why Continuing Education Is So Important to You and Your Career


Today’s tough economy has made the job market much more competitive. More than ever, it’s important to upgrade yourself by investing in your education. Improved skills and certifications are the pathway to promotions and career advancement. McMaster University Continuing Education offers numerous certificate and diploma programs you can pursue online, according to your own schedule and at any stage of your education, career or life.

Here are the top 5 reasons to pursue continuing education:


    Higher pay is the number one reason people choose continuing education. When you improve your qualifications by earning a diploma, certificate or professional designation, you may be able to negotiate a higher starting salary for a new position, or a raise from your current employer. There is a direct correlation between education credentials and earning potential. For example, the average base salary for Human Resources Managers in Canada with a University Diploma or above is $95,000.So, if you’re working in human resources and want to step up your career, earning a diploma in Human Resources Management makes great financial sense.

    Even if you are self-employed, additional skills gained through continuing education can increase your income. Studies in Accounting or even Web Design may allow you to take on work that you currently have to outsource. 

    While continuing education requires an investment of your time, online courses allow you to pursue a certificate or diploma on your own schedule. The cost of the courses is an investment in yourself which can provide you with a quick return and an increased income as you move forward in your career.

    Will continuing education have a positive impact on your career?

    Here’s what recent McMaster University Continuing Education grads had to say:

    “Almost immediately after taking the course, I was offered a supervisory position with my current employer.”
    - Mike, Addiction Studies grad, now an Addictions Counselor Supervisor

    “I was in a different career, doing a customer service job. I decided to come back to McMaster. I definitely feel like I received a positive return on investment attending McMaster University. I was able to gain a whole new skill set which has helped me in my career.”
    - Tavneet, Human Resources Management grad, now a Recruitment Consultant


    Continuing education students often cite the desire for a promotion as the reason they return to school. You may be quite happy with your current employer, but an additional certification in Business Administration or Data Analytics could make you eligible for a better position. Your continuing education studies enable you to handle more responsibilities, give you advanced training applicable to your specific career and improve your overall job performance. 

    By adding to your academic credentials, you show your employer how dedicated you are to being an asset of ever-increasing value who should be considered for promotions. Working toward a professional designation, such as a CPA, can bring you increased knowledge, authority and improved financial rewards.


    Continuing education can help you feel more satisfied with your current career, opportunities and lifestyle through professional development. Learning about new trends and technologies will make you a more qualified candidate for any new job or promotion. Completing relevant courses and acquired certifications in your field can put you ahead of the competition.

    Even if you’re completely content with your career, learning is a lifelong journey for all of us. Acquiring new skills or learning about a topic of interest will help with your personal development. McMaster University Continuing Education offers programs such as Mindfulness in Modern Society that can make a profound difference in both your personal and professional life.

    With The Essentials program, McMaster University Continuing Education is also the place to learn the most sought-after people and professional skills that can help you get ahead in any career path and industry. Online workshops teach critical soft skills ranging from communication, innovation, and productivity to teamwork, leadership and more. To perform efficiently, to work well with others, to achieve your goals, these are the essential skills you need to successfully navigate today’s competitive business environment.


    Thinking of pursuing a different career? Or perhaps you want to be ready for upcoming changes in your own field? Either way, continuing education can prepare you for the future by helping you gain the knowledge and skills you’ll need to qualify and succeed in your chosen career path. For example, Applied Clinical Research and Health Informatics are currently two of our most popular offerings among those planning to enter the field, a s well as experienced health professionals.

    Best of all, continuing education can let you get a glimpse into a new profession by taking one or two related courses. Without making a full commitment, you can quickly discover if a new field is really the right path for you. 


    Continuing education increases your marketability and value to employers in several ways. Having relevant courses and certifications in your field on your resume indicates that you are more qualified than other candidates for a position or promotion. It also shows that you are open to take on and succeed at new challenges.  

    At the same time, by keeping your knowledge up to date through continuing education, employers will recognize that you are on top of current industry trends, skills and technologies.

Increased income, career growth, personal and professional development, career transition and marketability – those are the top five reasons people decide to continue their education. But there are also many other benefits.

Students report that their new knowledge and abilities give them more confidence, greater job satisfaction, enhanced self-image and a better lifestyle. Along with your studies, you’ll improve your critical thinking, time management, memory and problem-solving skills. 

Best of all, you can enjoy convenient online courses taught by industry experts, who share their vast knowledge and impart real-world skills that will help you achieve your goals, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. 

For more information, be sure to check out the full listing of McMaster University Continuing Education online programs. Enjoy quick and easy online registration!

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Top 5 Reasons Why Continuing Education Is So Important to You and Your Career