Lifelong Learning for a Brighter World

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Mindfulness in Modern Society

Develop Your Mindful Self

Reconnect with yourself

Certificate of Completion Requirements


In order to obtain a Certificate of Completion you must achieve the stated course objectives and receive a passing grade in each course. 

There are two Certificate of Completion streams to choose from:

  1. Earn the Fundamentals of Mindfulness, Certificate of Completion by taking any three of the five courses.
  2. Earn the Advanced Principles and Practice of Mindfulness, Certificate of Completion by taking all 5 courses. ​​

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits cannot be used towards completion of this ​program. 

Request Certificate of Completion

To request a Certificate of Completion, please send an email to ​ The email should include the following information:

  • Your name and MacID;
  • Which certificate you are requesting; and, 
  • The courses you have completed to be eligible for the certificate.

Once approved, certificates will be sent to the address which you have on file on Mosaic. Please ensure this information is up-to-date before requesting your certificate.