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Microsoft Excel

Analyzing and Visualizing Data

Gain in-demand skills for today's competitive job market



Studies show that six out of ten Canadian job postings place Microsoft Excel as one of the top skills employers seek. Companies are hiring employees with experience in data analysis and visualization to transform complex data into solutions to help make better business decisions.

This course teaches you how to consume, transform, model, and visualize data in Microsoft Excel. Developed in collaboration with Devant and McGraw Hill, the course uses SIMnet, an online training platform that identifies skills gaps, so you learn only the skills you need. Perfect for both beginner and advanced learners.

Earn your digital credential in less than 12 weeks and stand out in today's job market. 

Course features: 

  • Fully online and self-paced
  • Earn a digital credential 
  • SIMnet online training and assessment platform identifies skill gaps, so you learn only the skills you need
  • Access to SIMnet platform for life
  • Approximately 21 hours of course work 
  • Expert instructor available for questions and support 
  • Virtual Excel interface (no need to purchase an Excel License)
  • Configure and manipulate data in PowerPivot, Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Unlimited practice with real-life business cases 

Key Learnings:

Course Topics and Objectives

Consume and Transform Data          

Import from data sources, other Excel workbooks and supported file types
Connect and import from databases, files and folders: Microsoft SQL, Azure, Big Data, SQL, Server Analysis Services (SSAS) & Power Query 
Link to data from other sources
Perform Data Transformations

Design and implement basic and advanced transformations, apply business rules, change data format to support visualization, cleanse, filter and format data 
Manage incomplete data and data received as a report
Remove data, repeating headers, rows and columns  
Create and optimize data models, manage data relationships, manually enter data
Perform Get & Transform 
Create automatic and manual relationships
Create calculated columns, measures and tables
Create DAX queries and formulas 
Create Excel formulas and performance KPIs
Calculate the actual value, target value and actual to target values
Create hierarchies, date and business hierarchies and resolve hierarchy issues
 Visualize Data  Create and manage Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
Format Pivot Table and Pivot Charts
Format calculated measures, filter, group and summarize data
Use slicers
 Interact with PowerBI: import and manipulate Excel data 

*Course content will help prepare you for the Microsoft Excel Expert (Excel and Excel 2019) Certification Exam  

Who should take this program? 

  • Professionals interested in advancing their skills in Microsoft Excel
  • Professionals in finance, insurance, health care, marketing, retail, government, logistics, transportation, information systems, media/entertainment sectors or other sectors 
  • Anyone interested in re-skilling, up-skilling or making a career change

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