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Shawn Buchok, McMaster University Continuing Education Metallurgy and Business Administration graduate Shawn Buchok, McMaster University Continuing Education Metallurgy and Business Administration graduate

Metallurgy of Iron & Steel

Iron ore steel?
Know your product.

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of steel.



Note: All courses are delivered online. 

MET 449 Primary Production of Steel (3 Units)

Study the chemical reactions and thermodynamics related to the production of steel and how they impact the environment. Explore the production of iron in the blast furnace, the key processes of iron making from the raw materials (iron ore pellet, sinter, coke and flux) through to the final product (hot metal and slag), the advantages and limitations of the blast furnace iron-making process and the new iron-making process development. Examine the BOF and EAF routes of steel-making along with secondary refining and continuous casting to understand the advantages and critical parameters of each process.

MET 450 Physical Metallurgy (3 Units)

Study the relationship between structure and physical properties of metals and alloys. Use case studies to understand metal structure and crystallography, alloy theory, mechanical properties and plastic deformation, phase diagrams, the iron-carbon diagram, alloy steels and cast irons.

Instructors: Paul Okrutny

MET 451 Heat Treatment of Steels (3 Units)

Steel is incredibly responsive to heat treatment. Learn how to control the properties of steel from the atoms out. Design and translate optimum steel microstructures into commercial processes.

Instructors: Gordana Cingara

MET 452 Steels in Service (3 Units)

Explore the modes through which the performance of steels can be degraded in service with a focus on corrosion and environmental effects such as wear on mechanical failure.

Instructors: Lucas Thung

MET 453 Steel Products Manufacturing (3 Units)

The theory and practice of manufacturing steel products draws upon previous courses and several experts from local industry. Topics include carbon and alloy steels, hot-working, cold-working and the manufacturing of common product forms (including both rod and bar, and flat-rolled steel) and welding technology.

Instructors: Robert Fraser

Planning your learning pathway? The suggested course order is:

  1. MET 450
  2. MET 451
  3. MET 452
  4. MET 449
  5. MET 453
Students may enrol in multiple courses each term.  It is recommended to include MET 450 in the first term of study and to conclude the program with MET 453.