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*Not applicable for Digital Marketing concentration

Digital Marketing Concentration


Digital marketing has revolutionized the way marketing and communications professionals connect to their audience.

Data management, strong marketing strategies, and web analytics are now critical to meeting your communications objectives and achieving campaign goals. McMaster University’s Digital Marketing program gives today’s professional the essential tools and tactical skills to effectively apply data, manage creative content, and measure digital strategies to engage and convert today’s consumer.

Learning Outcomes

  • Become a current industry-specific strategic digital specialist
  • Integrate marketing theory with the latest technological tools to build and apply dynamic digital strategies
  • Examine mobile marketing best practices, new media management tools, and social media marketing platforms and practices
  • Master digital data metrics and measurement
  • Learn effective search engine marketing and optimization tactics and creative content strategy

Program Requirements

To earn a Marketing Diploma with a concentration in Digital Marketing you must complete the five core marketing courses and, DMK 101, plus any three digital marketing elective courses.Students must complete the five core courses before taking the DMK courses.

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*Required for Digital Marketing Concentration