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Sarah Stanshall, McMaster University Continuing Education Lean Six Sigma graduate Sarah Stanshall, McMaster University Continuing Education Lean Six Sigma graduate

Lean Six Sigma

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Master the DMAIC quality management techniques
along with efficient Lean Thinking

Next Steps for Certification


*Please note: the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program and Yellow Belt Program will be undergoing a review and will no longer be offered in their current format. We will be announcing a new alternative format in Spring 2020. Keep checking the website for more updates.


Will I be certified after taking this program?

No. Certification is a multi-step process that can vary depending on the requirements of your Master Black Belt instructor's evaluation criteria. 

There is no one governing body for certification, which means that no single organization or institution holds the authority to certify people.

Certification is done on an individual basis and is issued by a Black Belt or Master Black Belt instructor, who works closely with the individual on a project and then provides certification upon project completion.

Generally, there are 2 required steps:

1. Theoretical/Educational Component

2. Practical Component

What steps do I need to take after taking this program if I want to become certified?

Through McMaster's Lean Six Sigma program, individuals are provided with the theoretical/educational component. To become certified, students will still need to complete an additional practical component (with the oversight of a Master Black Belt instructor), as well as any other steps required by their Master Black Belt instructor.  

Upon completion of McMaster's Lean Six Sigma program, students can contact the course instructor to inquire about coaching and applying the practical component to a real-life project to obtain official Green Belt Certification.