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Intercultural Competency Intercultural Competency

Intercultural Competency

Equity, diversity and inclusion for the workplace

Successfully building, managing and working in diverse and inclusive teams

Program Overview


The Intercultural Competency program recognizes that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential for organizational success in today’s global market. As the business world becomes more internationally connected and diversity in the workforce grows, business leaders, human resource professionals and managers recognize the need to develop intercultural awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes.

This convenient online program explores foundational concepts and helps you build awareness and understanding of your cultural norms and values and how they are reflected in the workplace. You will also learn communication best practices and effective strategies to build a successful intercultural team and create a more diverse, competitive and innovative workplace. 

Please note that Virtual Classroom courses have designated live sessions.

Program features 

  • Learn the theories and best practices of intercultural competence
  • Build key skills to excel at working with diverse cultures and teams with confidence
  • Learn from expert instructors and connect with professionals across various industries
  • Three-course flexible online program
  • Obtain a Certificate of Professional Learning in Intercultural Competency upon completion of all three courses

You’ll learn to

  • Explore foundational concepts and terminology associated with intercultural competencies
  • Demonstrate self-awareness of one’s cultural norms and values and appreciation of the complexity and variability of individuals’ cultural identities
  • Recognize commonalities and differences within people and communities and explain how diverse viewpoints influence relationships with others
  • Develop effective strategies to communicate respectfully with diverse audiences, both orally and in writing
  • Identify the impact of cultural structures within the workplace and between employees
  • Apply strategies to establish, interpret and manage intercultural teams
  • Explain structural and systemic barriers to equity and inclusion and identify strategies for combatting discrimination and promoting equity and inclusion

Who should take this program?

  • Professionals in any industry looking to advance their skills, knowledge and awareness in intercultural competency
  • Business leaders, managers and human resources professionals seeking professional development
  • Professionals who are currently managing or planning to manage intercultural teams
  • New Canadians starting a new career or academic program

Learn more about the program in this recording of our latest Program Preview Webinar: