Delivering Excellence in Lifelong Learning

Diane Edlund

Diane is an independent healthcare strategist and quality improvement consultant with over 20 years of health sector experience. With a degree in Neuroscience from University of Alberta and an adult education certification from NAIT, she has designed and facilitated several courses for McMaster University.  She has implemented various technologies across the health-sector in two provinces and has worked on many healthcare projects in various capacities such as leading strategy work in palliative care and surgical services, developing resources and tools for persons and family/caregivers, co-designing engagement evaluation surveys and websites, and connecting different healthcare organizations working on similar initiatives. Diane currently participates on several steering committees for Interior Health and BC Cancer and is working on pan-Canadian programs with organizations such as Partnerships Against Cancer and Healthcare Excellence Canada. Diane’s specialties include:

  • Strategic Planning in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Business Analysis
  • [Clinical] Workflow Mapping and Referral Management
  • Health Policy Privacy & Legislation
  • Data Integrity & Quality Assurance
  • Incorporating Person and Family/Caregiver Perspectives into Health System Change
  • Health Technology Implementation and Management
  • Digital Health Optimization
  • Practice Automation Coaching
  • Health Sector Project Management and Course Design
  • Facilitation and Training

Diane believes in Universal, Portable, Publicly Administered, Accessible, and Comprehensive Canadian Health Care and also in giving back to support health system change initiatives.