Delivering Excellence in Lifelong Learning

Tarek Nasr

Tarek Nasr is a member of the Ontario College of Pharmacists and a professor at Sheridan and Selkirk colleges. He has been active in the community pharmacy field for over 15 years where he always strives to provide sincere patient care through counselling, medication review clinics and specialized methadone/suboxone dispensing.

Nasr lectured many courses such as pharmacology, pharmacy dispensing, pharmacotherapeutics, and professional practice in both in-class and online environments. He truly enjoys the experience of interacting with students from every province through NAPRA’s National pharmacology Bridging program, and he prides himself on contributing to the success of hundreds of students across Canada while taking their big step towards becoming certified healthcare professionals and members of the College of Pharmacists in their provinces. Part of his teaching interests include course development and the gamification of education, and he is currently engaged in developing the advanced dispensing courses in Sheridan college. In the meantime, Nasr is the academic advisor for both the pharmacy tech and the community pharmacy assistant programs in Sheridan College’s Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies where he genuinely gives full support to students to reach the best of their abilities.