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Jim Green

Jim is currently the Vice- President of the Telco, Agency and Media (TAM) group at Environics Analytics, the largest Predictive Analytics firm in Canada. His role is to develop products suitable for these organizations, especially for the fast-emerging programmatic field.  He began his career at A.C. Nielsen, creator of the famous Nielsen Television Ratings, where he had integral roles in the development of the first People Meter survey, and the industry-standard advertising measurement classification system. Jim has also been on the agency side, at DAC Group, where he developed consumer models based on segmentation, and for Generation5, a consumer research firm. In all, Jim has spent over 30 years working with data within the media industry.

Jim has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, focusing on Econometrics from the University of Waterloo, and several certificates in Human Resources and Marketing from Ryerson University.