Delivering Excellence in Lifelong Learning

Munaza Jamil

Munaza has about 18 years of experience in the clinical research field, both in academic and healthcare settings as well as the industry sector. Over the years, she has coordinated and managed studies across many therapeutic areas, such as Oncology, Cardiovascular Surgery, and Endocrinology, to name a few. She has worked in both adult and pediatric settings, and has experience with all phases of clinical trials.

Munaza is certified by SoCRA (Society of Clinical Research Associates) and have been invited to present at various clinical research conferences, including conferences run by SoCRA, CRAC (Clinical Research Association of Canada) and MAGI over the last few years.

Munaza has been on Faculty at several excellent academic institutions over the last 4 years. She has also helped develop course content for a postgraduate clinical research program in Canada.

Munaza thoroughly enjoys teaching, and strives to create a culture of learning within the virtual classroom, where students are encouraged to take risks in the discussion, feel confident starting conversations, and therefore drive their own instruction. Instead of using a traditional lecture-style format, Munaza's philosophy is to engage her students in a two-way dialogue.