Lifelong Learning for a Brighter World

George Pinches

George Pinches is a director with Global Golf Advisors. A former COO at Hamilton G&CC, Mr. Pinches boasts more than 30 years’ experience as a private club GM, having managed five clubs in three Canadian provinces. He has also been involved in a presidential capacity for both the Canadian Society of Club Managers and the Club Managers Association of America, while guest speaking at several industry events. A 2007 ScoreGolf Manager of the Year Award winner and former instructor in the Golf Management program at Grant McEwen College in Edmonton, Mr. Pinches has been involved in a number of PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Canadian Tour and world championship golf events. With studious attention to the details of governance in private clubs over the course of career, Mr. Pinches honed his ability to work with boards and committees, and considers it a key factor to success in club management.