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Human Resources Management

People + Skills.

Pursue your CHRP/CHRL along with an HR Diploma

Diploma in Human Resources Management


To qualify for the diploma, students must complete all 5 core and 4 elective courses to earn 27 units of credit in total. 

Please note​: HRM 897 Recruitment & Selection has been renamed Talent Acquisition, active as of Spring 2019

Students who enrolled in the HRM Diploma Plan prior to Fall 2019 will only need to earn 24 units of credits (5 core courses + 3 elective courses) in line with the HRM Diploma Plan that was active at their time of enrolment.

To confirm your diploma requirements, visit your Mosaic Student Centre. Click on “My Academics” and select “View my advisement report”. Then click on the HRM diploma. It will list how many units of credits are required.