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Health Ventures

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Certificate of Professional Learning


To earn a Certificate of Professional Learning in Health Ventures, students must complete 9 units of study. Two required core courses and one elective course must be completed.

Courses - Two Required

Courses - One Elective from the following list

Transfer credits

A maximum of one equivalent course (3 units) taken at another institution may be transferred into this program, subject to approval by the Program Manager. Transfer credits will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • The course must have an 80% overlap in content/curricula and a similar number of classroom or contact hours.
  • The course must have been taken within the last five years.
  • The course must have been taken from an accredited academic institution and listed on an official transcript with a grade.
  • The course final grade must be “C‐” or better.

McMaster Undergraduate students interested in the program must contact the Director of Health Ventures, Sarrah Lal: for approval.


Apply to graduate

Once final grades for all three courses are posted, follow the steps on our Apply to Graduate page to request your Certificate of Professional Learning.