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health care workers sitting in a boardroom reviewing patient file together health care workers sitting in a boardroom reviewing patient file together

Health Information Systems

Informatics for
Information Managers

Program Closed as of Spring 2020


Students active in the program before May 1, 2020 may complete the Certificate of Completion requirements by April 30, 2021.  To earn a Certificate of Completion, students must complete successfully three (3) courses for the course list.

HTH 109 Systems Analysis & Evaluation (3 Units)

This course will present the technical foundations required for effective systems analysis design and implementation. The course will build on technical foundations by incorporating project management elements and managerial strategies, for the professional involved in various stages of system design, analysis and evaluation. Learners will explore traditional (structured) and object-oriented (OO) approaches to systems analysis and design, and will apply the knowledge and skills to case studies and applications for the field of health informatics.

Instructors: Gurprit Randhawa

HTH 110 Health Informatics Data Analysis (3 Units)

The focus of this course involves the study of health data retrieval, analysis and presentation by the Health Informatics professional. Learners will critically examine the role of the Health Informatician to develop, maintain, and retrieve critical data from the information systems commonly found in health care. Issues of the presentation of data, quality assurance, and research will be explored as the Health Informatics professional contributes to, and aids in the facilitation of, the decision-making process.

Instructors: Vidhi Thakkar

HTH 111 Project Management for the Health Sector (3 Units)

This course will focus on the key components of effective project management, as applied to the work environment of the Health Informatics and IT professional. Learners will learn the fundamentals of project management, including project life cycle, stakeholder engagement, initiating a project, and planning, executing, and closing a project. These project management essentials will be explored further as learners apply the project life cycle within the context of IT as issues of outsourcing, quality standards, cost and risk management will be discussed. Course activities will provide the opportunity for Health Informatics professionals to learn, analyze and apply project management principles to their professional field.

HTH 120 Foundations of Health Informatics (3 Units)

This course provides an overview of the principles and practices of health informatics for the Canadian healthcare system. A comprehensive introduction to information systems, applications, and data collection, decision support, privacy, and security, ethical and legal aspects for the field will follow a history of the health informatics field. The course demonstrates the impact of health informatics within the components of the healthcare system such as ehealth, telehealth, research and others. The course design is to present the foundational concepts to be explored further in remaining courses.

HTH 122 Quality and Performance Evaluation (3 Units)

This course will explore how the principles and practices of health informatics is an integral component of the healthcare system’s quality improvement and performance management. An examination of tools and methodologies will be presented in terms of how to use health technologies to meet organizational goals.