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Corra, McMaster University Continuing Education Health Information Management graduate Corra, McMaster University Continuing Education Health Information Management graduate

Health Information Management

Managing information throughout the health care system.

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Application Procedure


Applications are currently closed for ​Winter 2020.

Fall ​2020 Application Dates:
Open Date: March 15, 2020

Close Date: August 24, 2020.

Please note, we do not accept applications for Spring term as this program is a cohort program. Students can enter the cohort in Fall or Winter Terms. 

Applicants must submit their application using our Online Application Portal located here. Applicants should review the detailed admission requirements before submitting the application in order to collect the required documentation.


Application Process 

To complete your application, you must include the following items:

  • Current resume (Word Doc. or PDF)
  • Official, or copy of academic transcripts (PDF)
  • Professional or academic reference letters (Word Doc. or PDF)
  • Official copy of English language proficiency test scores/certificate (if applicable)
  • One-page letter of intent (Word Doc. or PDF) describing previous training and experience; your assessment of your learning needs and ability to study online, and why you think this program will help you meet your learning needs.
  • Payment of application fee (debit or credit card)

Applicants should review the detailed admission requirements ​to submit the required documentation. 

An application will not be reviewed until all required documentation is received.  Applicants will be notified directly if additional information or documentation is required by​ program staff.

Email confirmation is sent upon successful submission of the application and receipt of payment. Please do not use Hotmail email addresses to apply.