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Corra, McMaster University Continuing Education Health Information Management graduate Corra, McMaster University Continuing Education Health Information Management graduate

Health Information Management

Managing information throughout the health care system.

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Program Admission Requirements


New Health Information Fundamentals program to launch Fall 2021 

The Canadian College of Health Information Management is working with McMaster University Continuing Education to modernize pathways into the Health Information Management (HIM) profession to meet a new program design standard that is better aligned to student and industry needs. This is in response to industry demand for certified professionals, as well as to appeal to people from other educational backgrounds who wish to join the profession.

The modernized pathway is for applicants who hold a degree (or are pursuing a degree) and who successfully complete a new program incorporating the curricular competencies identified for health information fundamentals. Successful students will be eligible to write the Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) national certification examination that grants the Canadian CHIM professional designation. A key benefit of this approach is the reduced time required to prepare for the certification examination and achieve the CHIM designation due to a focused, streamlined educational program.

McMaster University Continuing Education is proud to be a partner for this modernized pathway. The new Health Information Fundamentals program will launch in Fall 2021. Please check back this program website or subscribe to our mailing list for news and updates. 

Learn more about the initiative here.

McMaster University Continuing Education is reviewing the Health Information Management Programs and will no longer accept applications until Spring or Fall 2021 when it will launch a revised program. For those who were considering applying to the program, we deeply regret how this difficult decision may affect you and your learning journey. Should you consider waiting for Spring or Fall 2021 to apply to the revised program, please ensure that you have all of the pre-requisites listed below (or equivalent). You can enrol in Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 in the following prerequisite courses: 

  • HTH 100 Understanding the Canadian Healthcare System
  • HTH 300 Anatomy and Physiology
  • HTH 200 Medical Terminology

In compliance with the Certificate and Diploma admission policy from Undergraduate Council, learners who wish to enter one of the programs offered in Health Information Management must meet the following criteria:

Admission Criterion  Health Information Certificate Health Information Management Diploma Health Information Management Plus Diploma Required Documentation
  •  Post degree/diploma applicants: Successful completed an undergraduate degree, diploma, or equivalent, from an accredited University or College



 Academic transcript
  •  Applicants with no post-secondary education:
  • Be a mature learner as defined in the Undergraduate Calendar of McMaster University
  • or, be deemed an exceptional case by the Centre for Continuing Education

 Professional or academic reference letter outlining the applicant’s suitability for academic study and employment.  

  English proficiency testing scores
  •  Computer Proficiency (Ability to complete fundamental skills in computer applications, such as work with spreadsheets, word processing, email, web browsing,etc.

 Resume to list computer skills, training or certifications
  •  Successful completion of HTH 100 Understanding the Canadian Healthcare System, OR equivalent academic course, OR equivalent professional experience in the healthcare industry

 Academic transcript, OR 
Professional reference letter from employer, supervisor, mentor of your work in the healthcare sector
  •  Successful completion of HTH 300 Anatomy & Physiology, OR equivalent academic course

 Academic transcript 
  •  Successful completion of HTH 200 Medical Terminology, or equivalent academic course

 Academic transcript
  •  Mathematical literacy and/or introductory knowledge in Statistics 

 Academic transcript; Resume

Missing a pre-requisite course?  Visit the Foundations in Canadian Health page for course information and registration details.