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Corra, McMaster University Continuing Education Health Information Management graduate Corra, McMaster University Continuing Education Health Information Management graduate

Health Information Management

Managing information throughout the health care system.

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New Health Information Fundamentals program to launch Fall 2021 

The Canadian College of Health Information Management is working with McMaster University Continuing Education to modernize pathways into the Health Information Management (HIM) profession to meet a new program design standard that is better aligned to student and industry needs. This is in response to industry demand for certified professionals, as well as to appeal to people from other educational backgrounds who wish to join the profession.

The modernized pathway is for applicants who hold a degree (or are pursuing a degree) and who successfully complete a new program incorporating the curricular competencies identified for health information fundamentals. Successful students will be eligible to write the Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) national certification examination that grants the Canadian CHIM professional designation. A key benefit of this approach is the reduced time required to prepare for the certification examination and achieve the CHIM designation due to a focused, streamlined educational program.

McMaster University Continuing Education is proud to be a partner for this modernized pathway. The new Health Information Fundamentals program will launch in Fall 2021. Please check back this program website or subscribe to our mailing list for news and updates. 

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Managing information throughout the health care system

Expand upon your post-secondary studies to discover your pathway to an exciting career in health information. As information technology evolves and health data is digitized, the health information manager is an integral member of the health care team.  Learn and apply industry standards for the collection, use, and analysis of personal health data.  Study information management’s principles and practices for privacy, confidentiality and security, and how these are applicable to health information systems. 

Learn  how electronic information management is revolutionizing health care within service sectors: primary care, administration and research.  

Why Choose McMaster's Online Health Information Management  Program? 

McMaster University Continuing Education provides its learners with academic programs that are well-designed, accessible,  and relevant to the professional field.  Programs within health information are designed for learners with an undergraduate degree or college diploma seeking to build upon their prior knowledge and skills.

Program participants will:

  • Explore, learn and apply their knowledge and skills in a dynamic, online learning environment,
  • Establish a network of colleagues from diverse education and work experiences,
  • Learn from trained health information management professionals,
  • Tailor your program courses to meet your education and professional goals, such as adding to your professional development portfolio or pursuing a national certification,
  • Earn a respected and recognized academic Certificate or Diploma from McMaster University.

Health Information Management Program Overview

McMaster University Continuing Education offers three program streams to meet your academic and professional requirements. 

Health Information Certification Health Information Management Diploma Health Information Management Plus Diploma
  •  5-course certificate program
  • Suitable for individuals seeking professional development courses, or focused training in health information practices
  •  8-course diploma
  • Suitable for individuals seeking an information management program applicable to health, social services, or other professions


What You Will Study

  • Professional standards and regulations
  • Privacy, confidentiality and security
  • Records management
  • Information systems
  • Data management and analysis
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Organizational behaviour in health care
  • Managing privacy and security
  • Quality assurance
  • And more

Who Should Take the Health Information Management Program? 

  • Recent university/college graduates interested in a career in information management 
  • Health care professionals seeking second career or a new career pathway
  • Information professionals seeking education to supplement their existing career
  • Data analysts, business analysts, researchers
  • Individuals responsible for the privacy, security and confidentiality of client records/information
  • Computer/IT professionals employed in health information systems development
  • Health Information managers and Health Informatics professionals looking to upgrade previous education
  • International professionals seeking Canadian education in Health Information Management.

Please contact Continuing Education for consultation to help determine if this program is right for you.


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