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Health Information Fundamentals

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Certificate Requirements



Students who successfully complete all six Health Information Fundamentals courses (18 units) will be granted a Certificate in Health Information Fundamentals.

Transfer credits

A maximum of one (1) transfer of credit will be accepted into this program. Students will need to have obtained a minimum grade of C+ in each course transferred. The courses must have been taken at a recognized post-secondary institution in the last 5 years, be of similar academic weighting/hours, and have at least an 80% content overlap with our courses.

A maximum of two courses can be considered for one course transfer. Student must provide the detailed course outline and academic transcripts in order to have transfer of credits assessed. Transfer of credit fee will apply. Please send the documentation to the Health Information Fundamentals program account for review:

Apply to graduate

Once final grades for all required courses are posted, follow the steps on our Apply to Graduate page to request your Certificate.

Admission and Application Requirements

Students must be accepted to the program prior to enrolling.

Potential students MUST have completed the following courses prior to applying to the Health Information Fundamentals Certificate program:

  • HTH 100: Understanding the Canadian Healthcare System OR work experience in Canadian Healthcare
  • HTH 200: Medical Terminology
  • HTH 300: Anatomy & Physiology
  • HTH 116 and 117 (Pathophysiology 1 and 2)

If the above courses have been completed at another institution, please provide proof of equivalency.

Please visit the Admission and Application Requirements page for more details.