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Fizza Malik, McMaster University Continuing Education Health Informatics graduate Fizza Malik, McMaster University Continuing Education Health Informatics graduate

Health Informatics Online Workshops

in partnership with the
National Institutes of Health Informatics

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Health Informatics Online Workshops


McMaster University Continuing Education has partnered with the National Institute of Health Informatics (NIHI) to offer you flexible, online Health Informatics workshops. Upon completion of each workshop, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from NIHI and McMaster University. 

These workshops are intended to complement Health Care Technology related educational programs, such as our Health Informatics program, or can be taken independently, depending on your educational and career goals. 

About NIHI

NIHI is a Canada-wide institute bringing together experts in Health Informatics (HI). NIHI has a dominant focus on the problems and issues that are perceived as important by the health system and by private industry as it seeks to deliver the basis for products and services that are needed by the health system. NIHI serves as a co-ordinator and facilitator in fostering and developing initiatives in academia and industry dedicated to HI research and education.

Upcoming Sessions

  • ePrivacy Program:

    Oct 17 - Dec 12, 2019; Jan 16 - Mar 26, 2020
    (sessions include a break for the holiday season)
    20 Sessions 
    Weekly Webinars: Thursdays 
    11:45 AM - 12 PM - Check-in and Opening Questionnaire
    12 PM - 1:30 PM - Lecture, Q&A, Closing Questionnaire 

    Upon completion of this program you will have a comprehensive view of 
    privacy and what it takes to implement privacy successfully in your organization. [Learn More]