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10 Reasons Why Graphic Designers Need Digital Marketing and Web Design Skills

What does it take for a graphic designer to thrive in 2018? Whether you’re an in-house designer, freelancer or side hustler, the landscape is changing. Digital marketing and web design skills and knowledge can help keep you relevant and propel your career.

1. Understanding digital marketing allows you to communicate the results achieved using your designs. Prospective clients/employers love to see numbers!

2. Having web design knowledge and skills allows you to design with user experience and website capabilities in mind. For example knowing some basic HTML code can help you work with a web developer more effectively.  

3. Designing ads with a digital marketing strategy lens ​means better results for your clients. For example, having a clear call to action (CTA) often leads to more clicks on a digital display ad. Good results = happy client. 

4. Being well-versed in graphic design, web design and digital marketing gives you the skills to take on a project management role when working with a client. You can predict next steps, provide your client with strategic design suggestions and make sure all stakeholders are delivering their pieces on time. 

5. More skills = more work = more money! Freelancers who can offer skills beyond graphics will have opportunities for more - and bigger - projects. 

6. Having extra skills can help you move into a more senior role. If you are currently an in-house designer, whether it be at an agency or client-side, having a broader spectrum of skills opens you up to more senior roles, managing projects. Watch Laura's story to learn more.

7. Knowing web design gives you the skills to make landing pages for display and social ads, a necessary tool to complete in today's market. Digital Marketing skills allow you to report back on traffic and conversions.

8. The Digital Marketing Certificate program at McMaster will give you the essential tools and tactical skills to effectively apply data, manage creative content and implement and measure digital strategies to engage and convert.

9. The Web Design Certificate program at McMaster will teach you the principles and practices of web design with professional skills in demand by employers - communication, collaboration, project planning and execution. 

10. For reason #10 (and beyond!), watch this webinar where McMaster instructors and industry experts Tiffany daSilva and Ryan Price ​talk to Lionel Gadoury, RGD, about why having digital marketing and web design skills and knowledge can help keep you relevant and propel your career: