Business of Golf & Resort Management

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Learn more about the Business of Golf and Resort Management program Thursday, November 23 from 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM (Eastern).


Rewarding Career Opportunities. 

Turn your passion for golf into a fulfilling career! Golf is a $19.7 billion industry and employs over 300,000 people nationally.



Employment opportunities within the golf industry continue to grow with over 300 thousand jobs in Canada and over 1.98 million jobs in the U.S. 


*Source: NAGA Economic Impact of Golf in Canada & US Bureau of Labour Statistics

Gain entry into the field of golf and resort management with McMaster's Business of Golf and Resort Management program. Enhance your knowledge and skills required for employment in this exciting and growing industry. 

About the Program

Our online courses are designed for individuals who wish to develop or upgrade their knowledge, skills and abilities. Earn a university-level diploma by completing ten (10) golf and resort management courses entirely online.

Our model provides a rich and flexible environment to learn. Courses engage all participants by using leading-edge content and collaborative functionality.

Program Features

  • 10-course diploma offered online;
  • Collaborate with a diverse group of professionals within the golf industry.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Outline key retail management practices;
  • Describe characteristics of entrepreneurship and industry key success factors;
  • Develop comprehensive business plans;
  • Describe club governance, committee dynamics and their strategic impact on decision making;
  • Conduct typical financial analyses such as cost volume profit analysis, ratio analysis, performance measures and benchmarking;
  • Apply principles of human resource management within the golf industry;
  • Apply legal foundations and principles in operating a golf resort;
  • Describe the framework of food and beverage operations in general and specific to the golf/resort industry;
  • Identify legal compliance and controls in food and beverage management;
  • Apply core design principles in golf course architecture.

Who should take this program? 

  • Anyone working in the hospitality or tourism industry looking to advance their career;
  • Anyone looking to enter the field of golf and resort management;
  • People working in the golf & resort industry such as golf operations staff; pro shop staff; marshals, starters, turf professionals, landscape specialists, golf instructors, club managers, servers, hospitality staff, municipal recreation workers, customer service representatives and more;
  • Anyone working in or looking for jobs in golf equipment manufacturing, marketing, financing;
  • Anyone requiring continuing education or re-certification credits for a professional designation;
  • Anyone pursuing membership with the Professional Golfers' Association of Canada (PGAC);
  • Recent college/university graduates.

What type of positions does taking the program qualify me for? 

Courses provide participants with the practical knowledge to perform better at their current job or to attain a wide variety of higher positions within the golf industry, such as general manager, food & beverage manager, marketing specialist, sales representative, golf professional or golf course superintendent. Courses also prepare owners or prospective owners of golf businesses to make more sound decisions.   

The Business of Resort and Golf Management program has been built in collaboration with the Golf Management Institute of Canada (GMIC).

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