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"We're proud to be working with McMaster to kick off Riipen's first formal partnership with a Continuing Education program. We're committed to expanding experiential learning opportunities for students of all profiles and backgrounds, and we see this commitment matched at McMaster in your enthusiasm for creating new pathways to career readiness for your students."

– Dana Stevenson, Co-Founder, Director of Academic Partners

"Students conduct themselves as professionals and show a great deal of knowledge pertaining to onboarding foundations. It was a pleasure working with this group!"

– Erin, Electrozad Onboarding Plan

"The students from McMaster University went above and beyond in their project with us. Thanks to their research and analyses, we were able to significantly reduce our risk and better spot meaningful opportunities in a well-established sector. I highly recommend working with the great students and McMaster University."

– Rahi, Health Informatics – Big Data

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Experiential Learning

Open doors to new career opportunities

Get real experience in a way that works for you

How do you market yourself to future employers without experience? 

Experiential learning or project-based learning is a great way to gain new skills while boosting your professional brand and marketable experience. Experiential learning teaches knowledge and skills through real-world study and resolution of complex issues, problems and challenges in close collaboration with business and non-profit partners.

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with businesses or non-profits on real-world projects where you can apply your knowledge and develop valuable skills while connecting and networking with industry professionals. 

McMaster Continuing Education in partnership with Riipen, an online marketplace that connects learners with companies to work on real-life projects, has a variety of courses that combines theory with real-world projects for a hands-on, ready-to-work experience.  

  • No final exam 
  • Building and nurturing your professional network by engaging with large multinationals, local businesses, non-profits, governments, etc.
  • Gaining experience working on real-world projects with industry professionals
  • Building and developing in-demand employable skills to be job-ready
  • Learning and practicing soft skills such as communication and problem-solving in real-world scenarios
  • Connecting with other and industry professionals 
  • Receive valuable feedback from real companies that can be easily linked to your Riipen project portfolio and LinkedIn to showcase your quality of work to future employers 

Market yourself using Riipen experience to future employers

Riipen project-based learning can benefit your personal growth in: