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"We're proud to be working with McMaster to kick off Riipen's first formal partnership with a Continuing Education program. We're committed to expanding experiential learning opportunities for students of all profiles and backgrounds, and we see this commitment matched at McMaster in your enthusiasm for creating new pathways to career readiness for your students."

-Dana Stevenson, Co-Founder, Director of Academic Partners

male and female students sitting around a table in a classroom working on a group project male and female students sitting around a table in a classroom working on a group project

Experiential Learning

McMaster Education + Industry Experience =
Enhanced Opportunities

Make your projects count!

Experiential Learning at McMaster Centre for Continuing Education

How do you get the job you want without experience? How do you get experience without a job?  Experiential learning, or "learning through doing," is a great way to gain new skills, and marketable experience simultaneously. Experiential learning complements traditional classroom and online learning in that students will learn through hands-on projects, experiences and activities.

McMaster’s Centre for Continuing Education courses that include experiential learning will combine theory with a real company project. This project will enable students to apply their knowledge in solving an industry problem.

McMaster Centre for Continuing Education is the first Canadian university continuing education unit to partner with Riipen, an experiential learning platform that supports students, educators, and companies through real-world industry project experiences.

What can you expect from a course with a Riipen experience project?

  • No final exam
  • An authentic and rewarding group project for a real company
  • Instructor and industry feedback on your work
  • Real experience you can add to your resume and use to build a project portfolio
  • Networking with industry professionals
  • Building relationships with other students in your field
  • Gaining experience using online collaboration tools (eg. webinars, file sharing, etc.)

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What programs include Experiential Learning? 

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