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Project Management Program

Agile Project Management

PMP® Exam Prep

Project Management Program

In order to earn a McMaster University Certificate of Completion in Project Management, you must complete all six modules. There are two options for enrolling in the Project Management program: the cohort format or individual modules.

The cohort format

We highly recommend enrolling in the cohort format. This means taking all six modules sequentially in one term.



  • Excellent opportunity to build professional connections;
  • Build momentum with the content and better your understanding of how everything fits together;
  • Significant costs savings! *See Schedule & Fees for details;
  • Earn your Certificate of Completion in less than four months.

*Please note that a significant price reduction is offered for the cohort based on the premise that all six modules must be completed within one semester.

Individual Modules

You can also take all six modules individually, spread out over multiple terms. The number of courses you take per term is at your discretion, one example is provided below:


If you prefer to follow this option, please be aware of the following: 

  • In order to earn the Certificate of Completion, you must complete all six modules within a three year period.
  • PMP 101: Project Management Fundamentals is the prerequisite for all other modules. The subsequent modules may be taken in any order.
  • Note: Project Management courses are not offered every term. 

Agile Project Management

  • A four day, in-person, introductory course to Agile.

PMP® Exam Prep

  • A six day, in-person, intense exam preparation course.

Learn what past participants have to say about the Project Management Program.

“Excellent teaching methods. Very beneficial!”
Aliano Issa

“The content was solid”
Joseph Mateus