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Employability Skills and Cultural                                 Fluency for the Canadian Workplace

Employability Skills in Demand

Increase your odds of finding employment in Canada




Zohra Lakhani

Zohra is an educator and international development practitioner. She has worked in the international development field for ten years in Canada, the United States, Kenya, India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Her passion is program management and implementation, curriculum and instructional design, teacher professional development, youth skills, leadership, and mentorship, multi-stakeholder relationships, and strategic partnerships.

Zohra pursued her BA in International Development Studies at UCLA and completed her Masters of Education at OISE University of Toronto. She has worked on several international projects which includes 21st Century Skills development, curriculum reform, higher education policy, citizenship, peace-building, and refugee education.


Syega Kabir, MIRHR, BBA (Hons)

Syeda came to Canada as an International student from Bangladesh to pursue her Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto (MIRHR). She decided to stay in Canada and obtained her PR. Syeda understands the challenges newcomer face when coming to a new country and is passionate about not only sharing her experience but providing advice on how to make your job search successful.

Syeda’s focus areas consists of talent management, recruitment, leadership, performance management, organizational effectiveness, career development and strategic HR.​