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Employability Skills and Cultural                                 Fluency for the Canadian Workplace

Employability Skills in Demand

Increase your odds of finding employment in Canada

Format (In-Person)



The Employability Skills and Cultural Fluency in the Canadian Workplace interactive sessions course is offered as an in-person format. It is important that you consider the learning format and its suitability for you to ensure that you have a successful learning experience.

In-Person Format

  • Courses meet one time per week for three hours and run for 13 weeks.
  • Class size ranges from 12 to 50 students.
  • You should expect to allocate at least three hours per week for reading, study and assignments, in addition to class time.
  • Courses are held at McMaster’s Downtown Centre, One James North, Hamilton, unless otherwise indicated.
  • You should attend all classes as the classroom work represents a significant part of the learning experience.

Considerations for Taking an In-Person Class

  • Your schedule allows you to attend class at the same time each week.
  • You prefer interacting with your peers and feeling part of a classroom environment.
  • You prefer weekly feedback from an instructor.
  • You occasionally need reminders and reinforcements to get your studying done.
  • You prefer the instructor explain the readings and the assignments.