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Data Analytics

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Data Analytics Certificate


To earn a Data Analytics Certificate, students must complete five (5) elective courses (15 units of credit) from the Data Analytics course selection below. Students have 3 years to complete the certificate. 

Open Source Intelligence courses are non-credit, however students may request permission to apply OSI 101 and/or OSI 102 to the Data Analytics Certificate. If you have any questions, please contact us.

DAT 100 and DAT 101 are recommended for students with limited or no background or prior experience in computer programming and statistics. 

DAT 201 is recommended for students interested in pursuing Data Science Certificate after completing the Data Analytics program. 

Suggested course list per term to earn a certificate in as little as 8 months:

Terms Elective Courses
First  Term
DAT 100  - Foundations of Computer Programming 
DAT 101  - Statistics for Data Analysis
DAT 102  -  Working with Databases
Second Term  DAT 103  - Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
DAT 104  - Data Analysis and Visualization 
Third Term DAT 105  - Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business: An Introduction 
DAT 201  - Data Analytics & Modelling