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Data Analytics

Boost your career potential with data analytics

Get hands-on training and earn a certificate in months


Whether you're starting your career, making a career move, or looking to upskill. Get hands-on training and stand out in today's competitive job market with our flexible, online introductory-level Data Analytics program. Get your head-start this rapidly growing industry today. 

Designed in collaboration with top industry experts, MacDATA Institute and McMaster University's DeGroote School of Business, this convenient online program equips you with the latest in-demand skills, practical experience and industry tools to advance your career in data analytics.

Courses can be taken as part of a Certificate or Certificate of Professional Learning or individually. 

Program features: 

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Learn through flexible online course options        Use the latest industry programs and tools       Experience hands-on lab sessions
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Learn from top industry experts       Work on real-world projects and assignments       Connect through networking opportunities  

  What you’ll learn:

  • Statistics, data analytics, big data, machine learning and technical/software applications
  • Collecting, analyzing, interpreting, sharing and identifying relationships in data
  • Statistical methods for analyzing data sets
  • Problem‐solving and information visualization techniques and tools
  • Principles and potential uses of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries
  • Employing data models in business intelligence (BI) and data analysis case studies
Programming Tools
Python            SAS
R Intermediate and expert-level Excel
Tableau Linux
PowerBI SQL & NOSQL technologies (e.g. Cassandra)

Career opportunities

Earning a Data Analytics Certificate or a Data Analytics Certificate of Professional Learning opens doors to a wide range of rewarding careers including: 

  • Data Analyst / Specialist
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Data Management / Database Analyst
  • Data Quality Manager / Analyst
  • Digital / Marketing Analyst

Who should take this program? 

The Data Analytics introductory program is great for a variety of individuals

  • Professionals interested in entering the fields of data analytics, technology, informatics, business intelligence, web analytics or data collection 
  • Professionals with limited academic and work experience in data analytics and related technology fields
  • Professionals who apply data analysis or collaborate with data analysts in their field
  • Anyone interested in data analysis and data collection
  • Students interested in prerequisite knowledge prior to pursuing intermediate or advanced data programs such as Data Science and Big Data Programming & Architecture 

Learn more about the program in this recording of our latest Program Preview Webinar:

Not sure which Data Analytics program is right for you? 

Find out what Data Analytics program fits your professional background and start your training today!


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