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Data Analytics

Your Introduction to the World of Analytics

Learn technical concepts and get hands-on training


Data Analytics provides a basic-level introduction in the areas of statistics, data analytics, big data analytics, machine learning, and technical/software applications. You’ll learn technical concepts from leading practitioners and benefit from hands-on courses and computer lab training with the latest industry tools. In this program, you'll work individually or on teams to complete course projects and build a professional portfolio.


You’ll learn to:

  • Apply statistical methods for the analysis of data sets
  • Collect, analyze, interpret, and share data
  • Identify relationships in data
  • Select and employ problem‐solving techniques and source standard and web‐based tools to test analytical solutions
  • Demonstrate fundamental skills for using information visualization techniques and tools
  • Define the principles and potential uses of artificial intelligence in various industries
  • Employ data models in business intelligence and data analysis case studies

The program is designed for professionals and offers evening and/or Saturday courses that allow you to finish in 12-18 months.

Choose at least five (5) elective courses from the Data Analytics program to complete a minimum of 15 academic credit units and earn a Data Analytics Certificate.​

Who should take this program? 

  • The Data Analytics program offers courses with a focus on the application of modelling and analysis of data for students with limited prior academic and work experience in data analytics and related topics.
  • Students interested in enrolling in the intermediate to advanced data programs such as Data Science and Big Data Architecture but need to acquire prerequisite knowledge.


This program is a great fit for:

  • Professionals with limited prior academic and work experience in data analytics, and related technology topics. 
  • Employees in finance, insurance, health care, marketing, retail, government, logistics, transportation, information systems, media/entertainment sectors, or other sectors willing to learn and apply data analysis in their field.
  • Individuals seeking a new career path in technology, informatics, business intelligence, web analytics, data collection, and foundational data analysis.
  • Students interested in enrolling in the intermediate to advanced data program streams in data science and big data architecture but need to acquire prerequisite knowledge. Professionals who are not directly working in analytics-related fields but still need to collaborate with analytics teams or looking for a basic-level application of a specific analytic skill can complete three (3) courses from the Data Analytics program and receive a Certificate of Professional Learning.​


Existing students


Are you an existing student or a student admitted to the Big Data Analytics program in the previous term (Spring 2020) and have not started your studies yet?

The Big Data Analytics program and the Foundations of Analytics program will both be closing and will be replaced by our new program offerings in Data AnalyticsData Science, and Big Data Programming & Architecture effective September 1, 2020. No new applications will be accepted. Current students can consider the following program options: 

Learn more about the program in this recording of our latest Program Preview Webinar: