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Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics
Foundations of Analytics

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Data Analytics Programs McMaster University Continuing Education

Big Data Analytics

  • Advanced 6-course Big Data Analytics Certificate
  • Who should take this program?
    • Graduates with a degree or diploma in science, computer science, technology, mathematics, business, or engineering
    • Professionals with work experience in the field of technology, business intelligence, web analytics, or foundational data analysis
    • Employees in financial, insurance, healthcare, marketing, retail, government, logistics, transportation, information systems, media/entertainment sectors, or other sectors that utilize data analysis
    • Individuals seeking a new career path in technology, informatics, data collection, data use and data analysis​

Foundations of Analytics - NEW!

  • Choose from 3 3-course certificates of completion, or a 5-course Foundations of Analytics Certificate
  • Who should take this program?
    • Anyone with limited academic or work experience in data analytics wishing to pursue a career or educational program in Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Data Science. 
    • Individuals interested in enrolling in the Big Data Analytics Certficate program (p. 10) but who lack the prerequisite knowledge in statistics, computer programming and basic analytics​