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female mental health worker comforting a female mental health patient female mental health worker comforting a female mental health patient

Crisis and Mental Health Training

Recognize the signs. Learn to support.

Industry-recognized workshops taught by certified trainers.

Policies & FAQs


Do I need to be an existing CCE student to register?
No. All workshops are open to the public, McMaster staff, faculty and students. If you are new to McMaster, you will have to become a student by enrolling in order to take the workshops.

What if I can’t attend the full session?
Full attendance is required on all scheduled days to be eligible to receive the certification.

What if my employer is paying?

If your employer is paying directly by credit card, you can enter that information online at the time of registration.

Every student will receive a registration confirmation email which can be used as proof of payment if you are being reimbursed by your employer.

If you are McMaster staff or faculty, please contact HR to confirm tuition assistance eligibility.

Where are the workshops held?

All of the scheduled workshops are running at the Centre for Continuing Education at One James North, Hamilton.

Is lunch provided?
No.  In order to provide training at a lower cost, food is not included. There is a wide variety of restaurants in the surrounding neighbourhood, as well as options within the adjoining Jackson Square mall.  

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