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young female professional using colourful sticky notes to brainstorm her ideas on a window young female professional using colourful sticky notes to brainstorm her ideas on a window

Creative, Critical & Design Thinking

Change the way you think.

Boost your problem-solving skills with innovative approaches



The Creative, Critical & Design Thinking program offers courses in two different learning formats. It is important that you consider the learning format and its suitability for you in order to ensure that you have a successful learning experience. 

In-Person Format

  • Courses meet one time per week for three hours and run for 13 weeks, depending on the course.
  • Class size ranges from 12 to 50 students.
  • You should expect to allocate at least three hours per week for reading, study and assignments, in addition to class time.
  • Courses are held at the McMaster University Downtown Centre, One James North, Hamilton , unless otherwise indicated.
  • You should attend all classes as the classroom work represents a significant part of the learning experience.

Considerations for Taking an In-Person Class

  • Your schedule allows you to attend class at the same time each week. You prefer interacting with your peers and feeling part of a classroom environment.
  • You prefer weekly feedback from an instructor.
  • You occasionally need reminders and reinforcements to get your studying done.
  • You prefer the instructor explain the readings and the assignments

Online Format

Online delivery activities will include instructor presentations, group discussions, online resources (articles and videos), and practical application activities.

Course content is delivered over 13 weeks. On average, each week will consist of 3 hours of content.

A pre-course email with information on the course will be sent during the week before the course start date. Courses are made “live” in Avenue to Learn three days prior to course start date.

Considerations for Taking an Online Class

  • You are good at keeping yourself on task to complete a project.
  • You are comfortable asking for clarification when needed and expressing yourself in written form through email or a discussion board.
  • You are able to read the textbook (and the assignments) on your own and understand the concepts.
  • You are able to work independently and in small groups.
  • You have a quiet place to complete your work.
  • You are comfortable using technology.

What equipment do I need to use any of the online course software and tools?


The following equipment is required for taking a course online: 

  • Windows or Mac computer
  • Internet connection (high speed broadband is best)
  • Microphone and speakers (built-in or USB headset)