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female clinical research professional smiling at the camera female clinical research professional smiling at the camera

Clinical Research Associate

Design, manage and maintain clinical trials.

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No further applications for new candidates are being accepted to this program.

If you are currently enrolled in the program,  you will have the opportunity to finish the program between now and Winter 2019. Winter 2019 will be the final term in which you can take courses.

Clinical Research Associate Certificate Requirements

To earn a certificate, students must complete the following five courses (15 units).

  • Clinical Trial Research Coordinator (CRA 101)
  • Research Ethics & Regulatory Affairs (CRA 102)
  • Clinical Trial Methodologies in Practice (CRA 103)
  • Statistics, Databases & the Internet in Clinical Research (CRA 104)
  • Critical Analysis & Advancement of Writing & Communication Skills (CRA 105)

Enrol early as this program has limited enrolment.

*Please note that CRA 101 acts as a prerequisite for all other courses in the program.  Students may take courses concurrently with CRA 101; CRA 103 should be taken last. Remaining courses can be taken in any order.

All courses are required.