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NOTE: Discontinued as of April 2018.


Word 2010 Fundamentals
Word 2010 Lists, Columns, Tabs
Word 2010 Tables & Templates
Word 2010 Mail Merge

Word sessions are sequentially grouped to show the order in which they may be taken.  More experienced participants may opt to skip introductory sessions and focus on a particular workshop topic. Participants who are new users of a particular software application should always begin with the introductory session and progress through the sequenced workshops.

Word 2010 Fundamentals  COT 560

Learn foundational document and text editing skills, how to manipulate your text, format paragraphs, and work with multiple documents. Discover shortcuts, Themes, and other tips that let you  produce professional looking documents more efficiently.  This session also examines Print Settings and the layout options available for unique printing needs.

Word 2010 Lists, Columns, Tabs  COT 561

In this session, participants learn how to create and manipulate Numbered and Bulleted lists. Explore how to incorporate Columns within a document, and how to manipulate the columns. Time will also be devoted to creating and modifying tab stops within a document. 

Word 2010 Tables & Templates  COT 563

Learn how to add Tables to a document, manipulate the table, and then use the Table Tools to redesign, sort, and even add up columns of figures within a table. To maximize your efficiency, learn how Quick Parts can be used to add pre-designed content into a document.  You will also be introduced to the numerous Templates available for nearly any type of document you need to create.  Discover how Headers & Footers can be added, and manipulated, within a multi-page document.

Word 2010 Mail Merge  COT 568

Increase your understanding of Mail Merge to incorporate source documents into letters & labels. Students will learn how to create a source document, merge it with a letter, and then merge it with mailing labels. The second portion of this workshop introduces Word’s “Track Changes” feature.  Learn how to effectively use this editing and collaboration tool which makes sharing documents with others a breeze.

Workshop Prerequisites: 

Participants should be proficient in using a keyboard and a mouse, and should possess familiarity with a Windows operating system (e.g. folders, files, opening and saving documents, etc.).