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male and female students sitting in a row of desks looking at their computers male and female students sitting in a row of desks looking at their computers

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NOTE: Discontinued as of April 2018.


Excel 2010 Fundamentals
Excel 2010 Formula Foundations
Excel 2010 More Formulas Explored
Excel 2010 Charts
Excel 2010 Data Manipulation
Excel 2010 Pivot Tables 

Excel 2010 Fundamentals  COT 571

Learn the foundational features needed to work within this spreadsheet program, and the shortcuts that are available.   Explore how to copy & move data, format cells, manipulate columns & rows, and how to manage multiple worksheets.  You will also learn how to use the Print tools to control how your worksheets are printed, and how to create Headers & Footers.  

Redesigned! Excel 2010 Formula Foundations  COT 572 

Learn the foundation of how formulas work, how to build them, and how powerful they are.  Explore the Function Library to discover the thousands of formula available to make it easier to build complex formula.  We will examine the difference between Relative & Absolute formula and how to modify a formula. Creating a formula using the Insert Function will also be explored. 

New! Excel 2010 More Formulas Explored  COT 613

Now that you have learned the foundation skills of formulas, we will explore more complex functions. Discover how the IF function works and how to extract conditional results. Further explore how IF works within functions such as Sum & Count, and even how to create an Array formula to get multiple results. We'll also learn how to use the Concatenate and Lookup functions along with many more. 

Excel 2010 Charts  COT 573

Use Charts to dramatically illustrate trends, compare sales and highlight changes. Learn how to create charts that give a pictorial representation of your data, and how to modify the objects in a chart. Customize your chart with special effects, drawing objects and graphics. Printing charts separately or with the spreadsheet will also be shown.

Excel 2010 Data Manipulation  COT 574 

Excel can be a powerful tool for storing and manipulating data from contact information to schedules and more. This session focuses on how to effectively organize, filter and sort large amounts of data.  Discover how to apply Conditional Formatting and Table Formats that create a more professional look to your data.

Excel 2010 Pivot Tables  COT 576

Learn about the power of Pivot Tables to help you re-arrange large amounts of data into different views so you can make sense of the information you have. Using the Pivot Table Wizard, we will learn how to drag and drop current data to show comparisons, analyze data, and determine patterns/trends.   

Workshop Prerequisites: 

Participants should be proficient in using a keyboard and a mouse, and should possess familiarity with a Windows operating system (e.g. folders, files, opening and saving documents, etc.).