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Canadian Health Care Certificate

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Advance your health care career with online courses

Canadian Health Care Certificate


Five online courses. One academic certificate. A head start for future health care studies.

These courses offer individuals with no background or limited study in
health care with a foundational certificate program. These courses offer
a basis for future students in health-based programs.

The Canadian Health Care Certificate provides optional introductory courses for the existing Health Information Management and Health Informatics programs.

Select 5 of the 6 courses offered to build your own academic certificate. 

Canadian Heath Care Certificate Learning Outcomes

Participants in the program will learn how to:

  • Describe the Canadian health care system, its current governance, its regulation and operation, its current trends and issues;
  • Identify structural units of the body including cells, tissues, organs and systems;
  • Apply medical abbreviations and acronyms used in health care documentation;
  • Analyze common diagnostic interventions to determine a normal or abnormal result;
  • Understand the role of risk factors in health and disease;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the course of a pathological condition;
  • Investigate methods used in public health surveillance and disease outbreak investigation;
  • Explore research design involving descriptive, analytical, and intervention approaches to disease;
  • Demonstrate an awareness of ethical practices and professional standards applicable to the field of health care;
  • Exemplify the skills, attitudes and behaviours required to work and collaborate with people and develop personal management skills;
  • Employ effective communication practices.

Who should take this program? 

  • Anyone working in the health care industry looking to advance their career;
  • Anyone looking to enter the health care;
  • Internationally trained professionals who require some Canadian health care education;
  • Individuals who require academic upgrading, or refreshing of past courses in health care;
  • Applicants to CCE's Health Information Management and Health Informatics diploma programs may pursue the certificate as part of the required pre-requisites for admission.
Please contact CCE for consultation to help determine if this program is right for you. 

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