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Big Data Analytics

Master digital data for meaningful insights.

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Transfer Credit


Transfer Credit from other institutions or McMaster Faculties

You may be eligible to receive up to 6 units of transfer credit from previous post-secondary studies to be applied to the Big Data Analytics program.

Transfer credit requests are evaluated upon student admission and acceptance to the program. McMaster Continuing Education does not assess transfer credits prior to submission of an application to the program.   

The following general conditions apply:

  • Courses must have an 80% overlap in content/curricula and a similar number of classroom or contact hours;
  • Courses must have been taken within the last five years;
  • Courses must have been taken from an accredited academic institution and listed on an official transcript with a grade; a grade of “C-“ or better to be eligible;
  • You may only apply external transfer of credit to one Certificate or Diploma program approved transfer will not be granted until you register in a program;
  • Transfer credits approved but not paid for within one (1) year of approval may be rescinded; and, you will be charged a fee of $99 per course.

Submission Requirements


In order to assess your transfer of credit request, please submit the following documents:

  • Name and course number of the external course(s) that you wish to be assessed for transfer of credit and the name and course number of the CCE course(s) that you would like credit for;
  • An official transcript, demonstrating your completion of the course(s) and your final grade(s);
  • Full course outline(s) (i.e. course description, course objectives, assessment criteria, textbook, weekly content covered);
  • Transfer of credit requests can be submitted electronically to, or by hard copy.

It may take 4-6 weeks to assess your transfer of credit request.


Please mail required information to

Centre for Continuing Education
McMaster University
OJN, 3rd Floor, Room 338
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8S 4K1
Attention: Program Associate, Big Data Analytics