Big Data Analytics

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Course Descriptions

Data Analytics & Modelling ( 3 units)

The course focusses on the fundamental principles of big data, data analytics and data modelling.  Students will learn how big data analytics has evolved to impact various industries and business sectors.  The course will present the analytics life cycle in context of planning to solve a business problem.  Emphasis will be placed on framing the problem, proposing an analytics solution, communicating with stakeholders, and establishing an analytics focussed project plan.

Big Data Analytics ( 3 units)

Building on the fundamental principles of data analytics, the course content progresses to identifying and using common analytics tools to process big data.  Students will work on the identification of model structure, the processes to run, evaluate and calibrate model and data structures using applicable industry standards and software tools. 

Data Management (3 units)

The course explores the importance of data management in term of the acquisition, storage, sharing, validation and accessibility of data for solving a business problem.   An examination of Database Management Systems, database architectures, and the administrative processes that guide the data life cycle will be a focus of the course. 

Predictive Modelling & Data Mining (3 units)

The course will introduce predictive modelling techniques as well as related statistical and visualization tools for data mining. The course will cover common machine learning techniques that are focused on predictive outcomes. Students will learn how to evaluate the performance of the prediction models and how to improve them through time.

Big Data Programming (3 units)

Developing solutions for extracting and analysing big data sets using Hadoop and Spark is the focus of the course.  Students will build upon the knowledge and skills of earlier program courses to analyze large-scale network data and to problem solve potential solutions. 

Big Data Analytics Capstone Course (3 units)

The course provides students with a real-world business problem/project in order to apply analytics models, methodologies and tools learned in the program.  Faculty mentors will work with students to ensure the capstone project reflects, and encompasses, best practices for big data analytics and project management.